Basis Of The Sale

The bases of mischief from a to me

You like it? Tell me.

What a boring kitchen duck, simple wooden boards, normal flower pots, old-fashioned tabourette, I'd paint, write everything, turn into art. Know? Personally, I do.

The problem isn't new. In front of our fellows, she stood up in the seventeenth century, and at that time, the latest pysk fashion was the recording east furniture, covered by the cloth. However, not everyone could afford such furniture. And the Europeans found a way out.

European craftsmen themselves started making laced furniture. They glued different pictures (the vice writers copied the east line) and covered many layers of lac. This gave a complete impression of the painting of the object. That's what the title was after.

This is a lot easier. I think every one of us has seen beautiful paper napkins in stores - there are flowers and ears, animals, etc. It's a napkin of the thinest paper that lays on any surface, glued and sorted with the object, becoming one.

So, the first step on the way to the high-end top of the purity must be taken towards the store. What do we need for this?

Let's see what can be glued-- paper napkins, decoration cards, computer prints, photographs and even postcards.

It's easier to start with napkins, because it's only necessary to prepare them before they're glued, to take off the top layer with pictures, and it's possible to glue. With all the others, the situation is a little more complicated.

Computer prints prior to sticking braces for hair so the pictures don't swim. I, for example, print a thin, so-called writing paper. The printout is thin.

The picture before the leaching is covered on the face, we're drying, we're in the water and we're cautiously taking down the lower layer. ♪ ♪

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