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Once upon a time, one experienced florist told me by secret 4 of the rules how to make the chips drip round a year. I tried, and you know, it really works!
It's been two years, and my chips won't fit!
I can't keep it secret, so I'm sharing a secret with you. It's very simple!

1. Water and soil

The purple must not be big. In the big root system, it's too much to grow, and all the power of the plant goes to its maintenance, not to the flower.

The base shall be universal or specially designed for senpoles. Don't take it out of open soil - such soil may be contaminated by pests, and the purples are highly sensitive to them. Some flowers can be easily wrapped without draining, but not figs. It's gotta be done.

2. Lights and heat

The breeding loves bright light, but the sun's direct beams will destroy the fiancé. That's why it's perfect for the north or west windows, where the sun isn't often. You can try to grow a purple on sunscreen, but then you just need light curtains or a mosquito net that dissolves the light.

It's a heat flavor, so if it's cold or constant, it won't be comfortable. But don't overdo it, the heat isn't the best microclimate for this flower either. Perfect temperature is 16-21 degrees C.

3. Plums and fertilizers

You need to be careful, you know, a little bit of water and try not to get into flowers. The perfect pole for the figs is from the bottom. But if you pour water right into the pot, try to lick it with a thin stick, don't get on the leaves and the center of the pink, it's rotting and dying.

Fertilizers are advised to use at least once a month. The overfishing effects on leaves - they are yellow and falling.

4. Format and flowers

To make the leaf pink sound and the plant good zvelo, the pink is usually formed. There must be removal of thriving flowers and flogging leaves (not leaving the socks) as well as so-called pasoons - small neighbouring pinks. They're smearing flower, the flower grows up. The beautiful equilibrium is shaped by light (periodically turn your flower into the light by different sides) and the survival of extra leaflets.

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