Crust For Order

Hand crust for order

I'm putting a baptism on the order, Biser. There's ready for sale. Write in the pen.

Hi, I'm sending a book and a cross and a biser, questions in a box.

Hello! How much is it worth taking a picture, about 30 by 40?

Good afternoon, I'd like to order you a 40-40 shot. I want to make a pillow cushion for a gift by 20 August? Please answer the pen. I'm waiting.

Good afternoon! How much would the painting cost 42*72 in a couple months? My stuff. Interests only for work.

I'm sewn up for the order. Moscow
The price depends on the size and timing.
My band is...

5-6 cm on SPB T-shirts who can sew?

Hello, everyone! Do you want to celebrate your baby or your little friend? Here's your decision! It's a great meter, a hand-made baptism! I'll only do two weeks and 2,400 roubles. Democratical price for manual work! Write it in the car or in the notes! Delivery to any city!

I'm screaming! 1800 roubles, three weeks. Delivery to any city! Give it to yourself or your own man!

The pillow is gel. I'll finish in two days. I sell 15th.R., 40 by 40.

The group's wall is empty.

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