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Handwriting with his hands: "Arbous bracelet from a biser"

Поделки своими руками:The bracelet's eyes look simple, but look how bright and summer he is. Such a bracelet would come to many things and create a great mood. With the help of this class master, you'll find out how a beautiful bracelet from a beaver with a watermelon.
You're going to need a white thread, a cutie/fish to work with. The author of the lesson uses an elastic thin shoe.
You're also gonna need a big red, green, white and black basser. For the bracelet to be more interesting, it is better to take bright (non-strong) saturated colours, needles (usual or special to fly) and scissors.
The author's lesson on the bracelet was about 100 cm schnork.
Call attention, the author of the lesson sets out one bush to serve as a node that does not allow the bushing. At the end of the flight, this bush is blowing up and cleaning up. We draw your attention so that you know that this booth doesn't work in the disgrace and skies.
Pick up the first six basserinas on the thread: four red, one white and one green.
Now put on a green bush and put it in a white bicellen, then red bush and put a thread through a red bush (3 from the start of the lash).
Take another red basserina and put your thread through the first red bush.
It's one of the most popular ways of bracelet-- in the form of wandering beads (and not sticking) bushes.
Now, we're going to fill the voids by adding a basser and wearing a thread in the cake bush.
3 A number: red, black, white;
4: Green, red, red;
5: black, red, white;
6 A number: green, red, red;
7 A number: red, red, white;
8 A number: green, black, red;
9 A number: red, red, white;
10: Green, red, black.
Go on. You're gonna have five red basserines between black biserines in every horizontal row (up to four rows).
Keep swinging until the length of the bracelet reaches the length of your wrist.
After you've finished connecting both parts of the bracelet to the thread, wearing it as shown in the example. Untie the noose button, clean it up, and the ends of the thread should be tied. Cut the surplus.
That bracelet would look great in the summer!

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