Flower Flight

Liliy flight from the biser is the royal flower author of the mc

Lilium flight from the biser - royal flower
IC Ludmila Lissachenko

The three-track and tender white lily of the sky is called " the queen " . It is an embodiment of the invincible beauty and greatness of the great kingdom of Flora. It is no coincidence that this delicate flower has become a symbol of the royal authority in France: the crown of blindness and the proud sanctuary of lilia are proof of its noble origin.
And the very title of " lilia " is translated as royal, royal.

Necessary materials for lysium floating from the biser:
white, yellow and brown basser for flower bruising;
several green shades Leaf biser;
Thin wire for flower and leaves and fat for stem formation;
Florent (green)

♪ Formulate the leptist in such a way as a yellow basser at the base and white at the top.

♪ After five arcs have been completed, we shall begin to form the arc of the petal.

♪ To this end, we hire a basser wire in accordance with the scheme and, without reaching the top of the track on 1/5, make a branch of the work wire, attaching this row to a number of the previous ones. Then we return to the reference position.

♪ The same arc is being carried out on the other side.

♪ For one flower, six petals are needed.

♪ We're doing a salad biser song, and yellow and brown larvae.

♪ Let's start a flower collection: a pstic is downtown, around it, we've got larvae, tightly wiping their green thread or florlent. Then we attach three internal blindnesses, followed by, in chess order, three external petals. All the details are tight enough to keep the flower well. Stebel's on the florlent.

The blossom is formed from a single petal that is spiraled.

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