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Practical guidance

Бисероплетение: Практическое руководствоIt's the cheapest Taiwan basser, but, unfortunately, it's not too good. Magazines offer a great choice of Japanese biser. He has a high quality, but the price is also high. Optimized by the price/quality ratio of the Czech Biser known for its long tradition, and it has the widest range.

Biser is very different in size, shape and color. It can be small or large, both inside and outside, lengthy shape, round or flat, like rings. Possibly different ways of colouring the biser: it may be transparent or coloured, mat or brilliant, painted in whole or only from within. Especially interested in metal biser Color and biser with a " water stain " effect.

In addition to the biser, the work can be used:

Busins are voluminous and heavy;

artificial pearls;

Large and vitae glass is a pipe length between 3 and 7 mm and a ruble glass, so-called shirt;

" Gris " : Extracted, rounded beads, " rice " gives products a lengthy form; sometimes they are sold to the so-called " Rice " .

You will also need a number of tools and materials for your work:

needles for biser (the best are Japanese or English needles Nos. 11, 12, 13);


Small sharp scissors;

Small flat lipsticks - for the needles to be stretched through difficult bicers;

thin copper wire 0, 2 and 0, 5 mm for the manufacture of wireless souvenirs;

Barhat paper for informative work;

Gofreded green paper or cattle strings for the flow of flowers.

Organization of work

Use the desk as a workplace. On the left side, set a desk lamp: you'll need additional light at night. Put the dense tissue on the table so the basser doesn't roll. The tissue must be bright tones, so they don't stare.

Useful advice to starters

Biser, before work, should be put on the tissue and take it with the needle, the wire, the tissue, not the hands.

Don't take care of the hard stuff. Take first the interesting tech on simple chains or bracelets.

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