Beaker For Children

New Year

Slavic's craft centre is offering to take your children to the holidays and invites you and your kids to the craftsmanships to make a new year's bisera deal, which will take place on 2 and 8 January.

In the course of the session, participants are invited, with the help of a master, to make out-of-the-art, celebrating, and can be used for use. of the things: a tree line with suspensions, different snowflies and simple jewelry that can even be created by children.

The Master is Antonin. 8(9)

One class:
350 shirts.
The material is provided by the master.

2 January from 1300 to 14 30
8 January from 18.00 to 19.00

Slavic, Moscow, Ul. Pripkin, d.8/3 p.3. One minute walk from the Kropotkin subway to the Gogolev Boulevard, exiting from the subway to the right, moving one time, one minute to the right. Cable code 2013#

Preliminary recording is mandatory. Jobs may be recorded on the subject or on the bodies. 8,985130 25 61 (Polin)

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