Glass Column

Flying from the biser and the glass of the refried jacket

Плетение различных видов жгутов является основным приемом в бисероплетении. Существует множество видов жгутов, перекрученный жгут - один из наиболее эффектных, вот о нем мы и поговорим на этом уроке бисероплетения.We're going to need a hooded thread of about 200 cm long for this type of jig. (approximately five such bulb assembly and two for bracelet collection), in our case, we're planning to get an item of about 15 cm length (length of bracelet).
Also, we need two millimetre bisses of approximately 80 black and 80 bright and dark glasses of about 6 mm and about 80 glow.
Birger flight and the glass of the removed jacket in phases (see side pattern):
1 - At this stage, we are facing a 200-cm thread that needs to be filled in half. Since the glass has quite sharp edges, it is better to use a two-fold elevated thread (e.g. monotony or capronic thread) to float any glacier article. Since we have two, we have a double thread of 100 cm;
2 - Give no double thread to the dark and bright basser 1st, which is now two bicers;
3 - name from the bright biser the dark glass, from the side of the dark biser - the light glass, one thing each. The total is four elements, close to the ends of the filament, for convenience the ends are red and blue.
4- call at the end of the basser's thread, one thing of each color, and the dark glass must be a light basser, near the light, dark. The ends of the thread pass through two biserinas and meet each other. Turns out the red end of the thread is now on the right and the blue on the left. We have a complete ring No. 1, consisting of 2 grand glass and 4 biserin;

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