Crust Plugs

Online cross schematics service

Dear limps! I'm happy to introduce you to a new development - the violin of setting up an online chair. Now, each handholder will be able to develop a copyright, unique and non-repetition schema free of charge.

Service operating principles:

You're uploading photos or pictures you want to create a pattern. Make three parameters that can be modified at any minute to achieve the optimal result:
  1. Choose the producer of the muleen.
  2. Indicate the number of baptisms on the larger side of the strap (the height is or the width of the crypt is automatically understood), the maximum number of belts in the diagram may be 200, minimum 50.
  3. You're asking for the number of flowers in the future picture.
As a result of the use of polycard filters, you will be able to achieve the desired result and set up a schematic for stitching with a moderate number of colours. Take into account the following characteristics:
  • Different manufacturers have their own colour palette, so the same pattern can have different colours if you choose to make a Gumma or a DMC, you can compare and make sure.
  • The maximum realistic image on the diagram will be transmitted, provided you apply the maximum number of baptisms in parameters (200).
  • By adjusting the (famous) parameter of Colour Number, try to achieve the optimum quality and realisticity of the future painting by considering the pre-screen scheme.
  • The description of the scheme is presented in order to reduce the number of crosses, to read the colour map on the left to the right, rows.
  • In order to extract images on a single-ton background, it is recommended that the image be pre-edited by graphic editors or image editing programmes.
  • Scheme established crust is presented by a separate file in the PDF format, which consists of several parts (reduced in such a way as to maintain a readable scale without duplicate). The crust fitting scheme is designed on a readable scale, each cross is marked not only by the required colour but also by the symbol. The description of the scheme gives the producer ' s mulein number and an identical symbol so that the colour can be easily found on the scheme.
  • For ease of reference, each branch of the grid consists of 10 x 10 crosses. We recommend that the canvass be marked in similar sectors before embarking on the drying. ♪ ♪

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