Like A Beaver Spray

Like a beaver swallow in kumchim

The time-poor is preparing for a new spring-year season, enjoying itself with fashion dresses and accessories. Yeah, jewelry is an incredibly beautiful weapon and a style that can change the image. Well, the copycat jewelry with our hands is always an inexplicable personality that we all end up looking for, don't we?

So, in order to be different from the other modules, a couple of interesting beans, for example, made. Cumichimo♪ The smart name of the Japanese manoeuvre implies a special method of bicellar jugging by means of a device that can easily be made independently of the ordinary cardboard. And the basser cord is really unusual. Well, if you're not familiar with technician, you'd better watch. master-grade Biser burnsprepared for its readers Ema Kilroy. Ema refers to those decorating designers with their hands that are not afraid to experiment by combining different colours and denominations. For her bell, she chooses not only an interesting high-quality foam, but also great glass buffins. Look in detail, How to make a beaver collier in kumichimo You can be on the blog blog Art bead scene.

Как сплести колье из бисера в технике кумихимо. Мастер-класс

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