Irish Circumstances

Irish circus, schemes

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One of the most beautiful and, at the same time, the most sophisticated technician of the right hook is precisely Irish circus♪ With its inability, the impossibility of making a detail of coffts, sweater, jacket, etc., on the pattern presented in the magazine so that it is the same! Don't hope it doesn't work out for you, anyway. Irish District♪ You'll have to do something of your own, irrepetitive, and that's why you value things related to Irish circus technology.

By the way, you can meet the other names of this style, a chain Irish hip, a hip. knitting hook, hypür dial, et cetera. Let's keep our stories and theorists in mind. We're in practice, we're interested in creating, not discussing! Here, let's go to practical advice!

  • First of all, make a dig! In the case of the Irish mug, this is a necessity. If you don't have to do a tampering with the matches or a towel hook, you just have to calculate the loops, it's your step 1. Take the leaks if you do. By the way, is there another question: what do we do to cover it? Not a millimeter, not a newspaper! I chose two options for myself. Either tissue or polyethylene bag. Of course it's transparent and tighter.
  • Consider that you'll need a surface to collect a circumference on which the motives can be tightened (white or sew) It could be a powdered cloth, and it's just a pillow-bag I'm using!
  • Determine the leaves and the flower motives you like. Believe me, they're different. Tie a few flowers and leaves. Now. ♪ ♪

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