Mandatory Diagrams And Decorations

An interesting element of the knitting of spiders, each Spider is a group of well-developed hinges. It is thus possible to steal the edge of the tied product or to differentiate the calm facial smoothly by tying a number of Spots.

Speed description Skills:

Tie on the front side the first row of the intelligent loop, it'll be the first row on the edge of the product.

The second row is on the intelligent side of the line: the rum, the face, and then tie the following five hinges with the lungs and, after each hinge, do three naquidas, repeat it from, end a number of faces.

Three rows: Krom., zn.p., in front of the next five hinges, launch the nakidas and pull the rods at the expense of the tips on the extra match. Pulled loops around the working thread twice against the clock arrow and move the lipstick to the right match without tying. Then reiterate from *, tie the knowledge loop, between the Spacs, then pull the next five hinges.

Fourth row: On the innside, untie all the loops, including the limestone.

Next, starting with the fifth row, one more specimen may be placed on the face side, then the edge of the sight will be more voluminous or shift to the lining of the face, if you finish the product, you may close the loins.

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