Lac Cracelur For Decoration

There's nothing surprising about old-fashioned fashion, so many masters are rushing their creativity to make an old, antique species. And decoupling, which is now relevant and in love, not an exception. For these purposes, it uses cracelur.

What a kracelur

This slightly vitiated word means a special technique that is expressed in lac or red cracks. The cracks are produced as real, time witnesses, keepers of his secrets. So the cracelur is so popular, you don't have to wait for the thing to grow old, you can give her an antique view very quickly.

The old-fashion balls can be used in practically any items that become objects of depurchase. I mean, artificially old can be both vase and furniture. Words, whatever your soul wants.

The old-fashion balls can be used in practically any items that become objects of depurchase

The only thing you need to know is to be careful about being creative. There are no other special requirements for this technique.

Compositions for cable

Provide two types of composition for the kracelur:

- two-phase

- single phases

Other names are one-stop/two-show, one-component/bi-component. What is the difference between these convoys? Single-component formulations are made between two layers of paint, and they break the upper layer on cracks. If we're wearing one-phase composition, the motive (or napkin) is glued with the last one, and the cracks in the paint are already wiping through it.

The two-phase compositions need to be done by the last. What's important is that the first layer will be yellow paw, and the cracelur foot will be a second step.

How to use a cracelur in a debauchery.

Since it is very common to use a two-phase composition, in his example, we will explain how to use a cracelur in a debauchery.

Let's say we have a scale that we want to give that old-fashioned ball.

(1) We're covering the matttress. It needs to be done then, so it can be painted, and the lacs are even.

(2) As a first coating, any acrylic paint (light) should be taken. Remember, the tree's been drinking paint carefully. I mean, if you use the dirt, your scale will last longer and longer to keep your attractive view.

(3) Then we put on another layer of acrylic paint, really, this time, the color we need. However, someone likes to cover different colours, making clear or, on the contrary, smooth transitions. Who likes it.

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