Mandatory Shoes

Manacasine and ballet shoes

вязаные балеткиLet's figure it out.

First of all, tied ballets or mocasins are very beautiful.

Second, it's convenient.

Thirdly, it's exclusive.

Fourthly, it's individual, if you have a broad or vice versa of a narrow stack and you're hard to pick your shoes at the store, you can tie your ballets exactly at your size.

Fifthly, such a shoe is breathing because, as long as you don't ties even a tight eye, there's still a rag in that shoe that will make your legs feel comfortable.

How did I convince you that it's time to tie your mocasins or ballets?

If not yet, it's time to see the most beautiful models of knitting ballets and mocasin and get behind the hook!

It's still possible to tie very beautiful sandals.

Enjoy your knitting! Also on our website, you'll find many more models of tied shoes with descriptions and chaining schemesHi.

балетки крючком вязаные балетки мокасины крючком мокасины крючком

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