Mandatory Flowers

Flowers or matches - knitting schemes and description

Decorative flowers The hook for the house is a bold attempt to reproduce by his own hands the magnificent and abundance of living flowers. As long as this attempt is successful, it depends only on your diligence. Choose our site as your personal knitting instructor, and you won't be disappointed! We have clear instructions and clear schemes in the catalogue for which you can perform a variety of matches. For your convenience, the catalogue contains images of work already under way that can roughly count the bond result.

The color of the hook is a piece that can connect both the man with experience in this field and the perfect newcomer. This is the perfect practice for those who only learn to tie, because the flowers of the Speakers are small, performed quickly, and there is usually no difficulty in the work. Contact. Flowersand steal your home with those stylish details! If you learn how to do flowers with matches, then you'll be much easier to tie more complicated things.

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