Crustling Of Equipment

Perfect brushing knowledge

The perfect specimen is the stitching method in which no knots and no tailings of the filament are allowed in the operation, and all stacks on the interior of the drying are situated on one side (vertical or horizontal). On the face of the product, as in the usual way, the top stitches look the same way.

Identity is often used in such things as the intelligent side of the embroidery: napkins, cattle, pilgrims, clothing, bulk products.

The following rules should be observed when embedded in the technology:

1. Refrigeration of the filament at the beginning and at the end of the work (see annex). IC “Strengthening of threads”
The work should not be stacked because it is not the safest way of attaching, but when the knot is deformed the canvas.

2. All stitches on the inside of the work shall be in one direction, horizontal or vertical.

3. When stitched by the " perfect tag " , the face side of the brushing cannot be forgotten: the top stacks of the brackets shall lie in one direction, the tension of the thread shall be the same.

4. It is recommended that no more than 1 cm should be transplants and that they should be hidden under the air. It is better to avoid crossing fragments under the unscrupulous fragments, as they can be wrapped through the canva when processed.

5. It is important not to eject the " marker " stitch (when two holes of canva are scattered by one movement), which means that the thickness may be unevenly stretched and the crosses will be negligible.

We'll look at the basic stitches of the perfect I.D.

A quadrant area.

We're doing the first set of lower stitches, heading down to the left, right up.
Let's go to the second row, and we're also only pumping the bottom stitches. In the second row, we respect the rule of vertical stitches on the ink. The stitching direction for the second row will be on the top of the right, left down, etc... By finishing up the square field with the lower stitches, starting to inject the top stitches backwards.

At the end of the drying, we shall secure the thread by the method of " snake " or by strapsing on the face.

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