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Materials and tools for maiming

Papertole, also known as an obscene depravity, is the art of manual cutting and the creation of three-dimensional images from a flat press.

Customary depurchase is only involved in the use of paper-based images/models in other materials. Otherwise, a silicone 3D gel clay is completely separate and unique.

By learning this type of creativity, you will be able to defeat the surroundings by creating three-dimensional work, from the obscene magnets on the refrigerator to the self-contained pictures and exquisite, unique decorations.

Work in technology Gross Not only can 3D maps and silicone gel glue, but also from conventional napkins, rice maps and self-containing pasta. You'll be able to produce large masterpieces on your own, using a variety of napkin motives. They're selling so much today - the most unimaginable, some are real works of art!

There are many versions of the origin of papertole, as we know today. But the roots should be found in Japan. For many centuries, the Japanese have been practising the creation of spectacular pieces of paper, shaping and stealing it in a way that gets a three-dimensional, obscene image from a two-dimensional leaflet. Samples of eastern laced goods brought to Europe in the 17th century formed the basis for the development of a new art for Europeans. The decoupling is essentially a collage. Its primary application was found in a furniture case where a combination of carved painted (and later printed) images decimated furniture and wooden interior items, which were later covered by multiple layers of lac, sometimes up to 15-20 layers. French and Venetians have refined the depurchase technique to a form that is very different from the present one. Over the years, the technicians have changed most of the name and are now called papertole, the folder of the tole, and 3D (trachemical) decoupling.

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