Master Of The Baptism Class

I've got a chair

The stitching of the cross is one of the most popular manuscripts known to mankind from the oldest time. Hend-meid has put the cross-sectional burden on people and homes. Over time, there's only a decoration function in the bypass. You can steal clothes with your hands, make unusual accessories, create pictures for the house.

The cross-cutting technology includes the development of different types of stitches, the correct positioning of the drawing on the canva, the ways in which the threads are fixed and the possible errors corrected. For I'm starting to get a cross. - one of the best hands. It develops seducity, sensitivity, small motor. It's better to learn this kind of creativity from small products - needles, toys, little stories. In the classrooms on the casting of the cross, you will find not only the tips on the very ejection and many diagrams of different levels of complexity, but also the way to process the work, for example, the incendiary postcards, the excavation of handsome needles-books, the unusual suspensions of the bison, the Ziggu, the Berlingo.

The stitching of the cross with its hands can be used in a variety of hands, salmon stew, snippbuking, the art of decorating, decorating clothes and even shoe, everything is limited to your imagination.

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