Screening Of The Grid Free Of Charge

Programme: "stitch art easy

I'm transferring the pictures to the brushing scheme.

Exterior version of the "Stitch Art Easy" version 4.0.

The program is spreading.

Stitch Art Easy!
It's simple!

Free, fully functional, has English, Russian and Ukrainian interfaces.
Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

You can set up a schema on any of your drawings, images or photos presented in the formats .gif.jpg.png.bmp, and .sa4 (the programme itself).

There's a way to ask and edit. Lamp size - number of bruises in width and height.

You can change. Number of flowers In the current drying scheme, as well as colour palettes (the programme contains 11 sets of flowers - DMC, Anchor and others).

The program will process the image itself, make the colour and symbolic diagrams.

You can. edit the scheme - change the size of the embroidery, the number of flowers, change the colors themselves and the symbols, draw something on the picture itself, or wash the furthest, etc.

There's a pre-screening regime and PECHATHI. It is possible to print out the diagrams (colour and symbol) as well as the colour and symbolic set of the diagrams.

It is possible to include the scanning regime directly from the programme itself.

The work is being done in a few simple steps - the master-navigator helps you in everything!

It's simple, convenient and clear!

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