What's Needed To Make A Baptism

Cristening - material, process, processing

The baptism has been popular for many centuries - not only beautiful and long-lasting; the stitching brings home comfort and has a positive energy, as the master has invested not only her strength but also a part of the soul.

If you haven't tried to dry a baptism or while you're doing your first steps in this form of a handicraft, you're gonna need this article from which you will find out:
(1) which devices and accessories are necessary for emitting;
(2) How the drying process is carried out;
(3) how to formalize the work done.

(1) Before you start stitching, you will need the following materials:
- The drying scheme;
- The canva for drying;
- Moulin or hair;
Special needle;
- Pulp for stitching (also suitable for delivery);
- scissors;
- bulbs, lamps, magnetic boards (if desired).

If you're a freshman in drip, pay attention to the drying kits, they contain all the necessary, well-developed. Schemethe colors of the mulin, the needle and the instructions. First of all, it's best to pick a small set, so the next time you can get the right calculation of your forces on the size of the embroidery. You can find it. Free scheme On the Internet, to which the colors of the mulin will need to be selected on their own.

Elevation Canva is a tissue with the same number of cross-sectional and longitudinal filaments that are uniform and form separate squares with clear holes in the corners where it is convenient to insert a needle without compressing sight. The most common type crust tissue - Kanva Aida, Zweigart. The size of the Aida canva is determined by the canva number, which indicates how many canva cells are 1 cm:

Cane numberAida 11Aida 14Aida 16Aida 18
10 cm43556370

Mulina or wool straps are used to stitch the cross. The cartridge is easier to detect, it's wiping through the canva, so it's used to drip on the canva with larger cells. But the wool makes a sense of volume, softness and cozy. Out of foreign producers, the most familiar is the DMC, Anchor, Madeira; from domestic producers, Hamma, Kirova PNC. Be careful with the mule of unknown stamps to you, it's better to check if they're lining, because eventually it could ruin the whole job. Take the white tissue, put the mulin in it, wet it and glow the hot cliff. If the tissue stays white, you can boldly go to the stitch!

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