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Topics of drying schemes and sets:

The stitching of the cross is a very interesting exercise. But there's a very often desire not just to remove a picture that is accessible to everyone. I'd like to sew the picture that will be in the only copy.

Maybe you've made a great and beautiful picture. Or I'd like to sew home animals. Also the characters of the embroidery can be you yourself or your loved ones.

Вышивка крестом на заказFor this, it is sufficient to take a photo of acceptable quality (announced 500Kb) and order the construction of a stitching scheme for your photo.

This is an example of the calculation of the value of the sliding order:

Of course, the exact cost and timing you'll find out, but you'll only give me a picture and your e-mail wishes, but the price ordering of the rigging scheme, you'll be able to put it on your own.

First of all, you'll have to figure out the size of your work in the baptisms. To this end, the expected size of the drying is 2.54 and multiplied by the size of the canva. Let's say I want to stitch around 40 cm in width, and I want to breathe 16 canvas. Total: 40:2.54*16 = 252 krrets.Вышивка крестом на заказ Just put it up and up. For example, 30 cm:2.54*16 = 189 crusts.

Then consider the total bulb in the brisket, i.e. the width is multiplied by altitude = 252*189=47628 crusts.

Accordingly, and from the multipliers presented below, add value. Kol-vo baptism multiplied by a multiplier. For example, I want a picture of my cat on these data for Mulina Gamma, and I'm fine with it to be posted on the website.Вышивка крестом на заказ So the total value of 47628*0.06=2857 roubles.

  • Multipliers:
  • Simple pictures for the Mulina of Gamma, with the possibility of placing 0.06
  • Simple pictures without display on site = 0.08
  • Portrait or any complex picture of good quality = 0.08-0.12
  • Portrait or any complex picture with the photos refined = 0.1-0.15

Simple pictures I call scenes or pictures of animals or other pictures that don't have a large ring of small cells and a basic image of good quality. The worse the quality of your picture, the higher the price of my work.

The exact value depends on the complexity of the work, the quality of the image, the number of small elements in the image, whether pre-treatment is required in the photoshop.

The reference value is used in ordering images that can be placed on the website in the future if the scheme is performed. ♪ ♪

Вышивка крестом на заказ Вышивка крестом на заказ

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