Blowing the cross from a to me

Beautiful paintings can be created not only by artists, but by virtue of everyone who's involved in the art of the cross.
The cross is now at the top of popularity. She's no longer considered the occupation our grandmothers used to do in the oven. This is now the favourite hobby of many business women who, apart from their basic activities, like to create beautiful masterpieces of art.

More recently, it is possible to see how in various women ' s forums users have organized small competitions and competitions, play games (so-called adventurers) that are directly related to the casting of the cross. It's not just for themselves (as it used to) but for sale. All of this suggests that the stitching of the cross has already ceased to be a petty exercise and has gone to the ranks of the most favoured and rejuvenated manuscripts!

Cross-cutting materials

Now, practically, any man-made shop sells ready drying kits that already contain all. The ready set contains such items as sketches, threads, tissues, needles, instructions, can also be stickers, scissors and other additional tools.

The base for stitching the cross is a tissue that can be both ordinary lungs and special, prepared for stitching, a canva. Many world companies are now making the canva, but the most popular brand is Aida (Aida). Most often, it's the one that puts ready sets. Canva's colour can be found under a certain scheme, crust It looked as harmonious as possible.

Nitis are also very diverse, but the most common in the crust is special maulin threads. They're soft, natural, and they're allowed to work on virtually any tissue.

The needles differ in size and material of manufacture (although insulated). It is considered that the best way to stitch the cross is the goblin needles - they're not so sharp and they don't hurt the tissue.

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