I'll Order A Cross

Diamond extraction is a new fascinating direction

Diamond embroidery is a new fascinating direction in creativity. It's a way to create a miraculous overflowing picture of the diamond mosaic. You don't have to be a painter or a skilled snitch, you're willing to create an amazing masterpiece and enjoy your creativity! ;
The plates are numbered! For those who can't, but they really want to paint!
Imagine you're an artist! It's very easy to paint on the numbers and deliver a lot of pleasure! No special skills are required. You're just gonna need a water tank to wash your bones, a couple of washing napkins, a little patience and some free time.
The display of ribbons is the art of creating all sorts of colour motives by means of material with different structure, width and colour gamma.
The paintings of this technique are imagining their beauty and incoherence. The stitch is voluminous and the flowers are like living!
The vAlmaze shop offers diamond lining kits, scapbooking, cross stitching, ribbons and painting sets
You can order a unique diamond mosaic on your photograph!
You pay only when you get the premiere that you'll get! A unique mosaic can be ordered by reference.

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