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The perfect sign--- video class

идеальная изнанка вышивкиYay! It's been a long time since I promised to show you in my blog, "All of the embroidery," what a good skill is. perfect embroidery.) Finally, it's all right, and I'm ready to publish another video show, where I'm suggesting that we get a look at the technician's tag.

All I've done is try to tell you in class, but I'd like to record the most important things:

  • Always recall that the filament shall be strictly in one direction (or vertical or horizontal);
  • Before you start the strike, study the scheme, see if you think about " suggesting " a way to squeeze a particular fragment. At first, it's gonna be difficult, because I'm gonna have to sew the precinct first on the chart and then on the canva, but in a while, the eyes will be instructed by their own hands where the needle enters to keep the direction on the intel;
  • Priority baptism Does not matter if a single direction is observed on the ink and there is no thread of more than 2-3 crosses;
  • Some work just won't be perfect, for example, because there's a semi-creativity in the job (as I have in the photo) or too many single bruises. Carefully, you can try and perfectly, you'll need a very big skill.
  • It's not a big deal if it doesn't work out right now, so you're gonna be fine.

And now I'm suggesting that I take a good look at my video, the perfect sign of the embroidery...

The most important thing is, in my view, is to be done in an effort to learn how to breathe carefully (or perfect) knowledge, is it to be determined that you really need it?

Well, if you have any questions on this video of the perfect I.D., please, in the commentary, we'll discuss what's left to be understood.

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