Video Hook

We're getting a hook

Connect it with the hook. It won't be hard if you have a stock of video lessons. Video-training for bereta knitting with a hook is designed to facilitate your endeavours by providing literate and quality material. Available and modern beret tying schemeThe best. Bereta and only modern knitting solutions.


A modern video show that shows and tells all the thinness of the beret's knitting. This material will explain the thinness of the beret stitching process, provide popular knitting schemes that will facilitate the study process.

How to tie a hook.

This video is designed to explain in detail the beretting process. A full description and a name from a professional who will explain how to tie the hook.

How to tie the beret right? - Video-trainings are designed to popularly explain how best to tie a hook. Contemporary description and training of all boude knickers is available within each lesson. In addition, a set of diverse schemes and structures that are needed to build a bereta style and tie a hook. Thus, this material will only facilitate your knowledge in this area.

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