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The most beautiful tree toys you can do with your hands

Обладатели почетного диплома и первого места. Семья Протасевичей. «Щелкунчика» делали Александра, Дмитрий и 5-летний Егор. Фото предоставлено администрацией Большого театраOn 27 December, the Grand Theatre of Opera and Ballet took stock of the New Year Family Toy. 79 families from Minsk, Jodino, Pinsk, Sloucca, Youth and Drogicina sent 120 toys and littered the players. It's touchy. Toys with their hands. 5-year-old children were made, and some of the deeds hit the leadership and the jury with their furry and skill.

Custodians of honour and first place. Protacevich family. Szelkunchika was made by Alexander, Dmitri and 5-year-old Egor. Photo provided by the Great Theatre Administration

The fabulous characters and ballerinas in the packs, Dr. Aybolite and snowflakes, the balloons and the tree--TUT. Upon finding the most interesting, beautiful and touchy toys that can be made of plastic sticks, paper, napkins, clays, lights and even wattage discs. The children wrote and stole letters saying that they're giving Dedu Moros and Sniguroka toys and told them they've never been to the Great Theatre.

I decided to take part in a competition to be closer to the family, - told Alexander. She doesn't have an artistic education, but she's snooping and painting. She told me that the day before they saw a cartoon about Szelkunchik and decided to make his toy. The sample was taken from the cartoons. Dmitri made a cardboard carcass and glued. Junior Egor cut the details from the toy and glued his sleeves and eyes. Family's been playing for two weeks. According to the children, the most troublesome was with Szelkunchik's teeth: they've always been glued and a brush character. Mom helped the kids uncover and sew the hat.

The chick won. A further 10 participants received prizes in various nomenclatures: " My fun " , " Faith in Wonders " , " Mysterious " and " Magic music " .

Other toys that didn't take the prize seats but were very original, made of hand-delivered materials: battled tree toys, fetrate, wars, stones, old towels, plastic sticks and cotton discs.

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