I Have A Hook

Put the flickers on the face side of the inside, press the paper clip, cut. We get two mirror details.

Specify: after she cut the details, a little rounded up the top of the future braces. I've put it in half and cut the corners, or there's a very "quarant" on top of the bars, and that's the final form of detail:

Put the barrel in half: the tops and bases must be matched, and the top of the two thumbs shall be combined. Benchmarked in three points:

Now we're going to pilgrims in two phases, from the top of the finger to the base of the barrage and from the top of the barrel to the top of the finger. We're stretching the flicks where the angle of the finger goes straight.

It's finally working.

One long stitch coming through the whole sleeve, bending finger.

I don't have a rump, I'm using a carpet stitch (No. 18) and an appropriate foot. You can sew the flies with a simple line or a simple zigzag, but then there's a risk that the tissue will be stretched in the stitch.

Starting from the top and going smoothly to the bottom, gradually pulling the pin.

That's what we did:

There must be two on the right and left hand. :

Second step: We'll tie the hook

We're gonna need:

  1. Two flowers (or any number you like). I'll use a very fat audacity. It's going to be so fast, but the barrels are getting monumental to freeze!
  2. A knitting hook. I have number 8.
  3. Our flies.

Specify: in this master class, I am a woman's barrage, the number of hinges and rows in the photo will correspond to the size of women.

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