Elephant Toy With His Hands

Compulsory new yearly toys with their hands

елочные игрушки своими рукамиThe most pleasant thing in the new year's holidays is the wait. Days when we dress the tree, buy gifts and enjoy the smell of mandarins. Feeling New Year's special will be helped by the tied new year's tree toys with their hands.

The safest toys are tied.

Every New Year, you want to put your house in the wrong way you've done it before. Compulsory matches or hooks are a good way toys: not only original but also safe (as opposed to glasses that small children and domestic animals can drop on the floor and fall on fragments).

Typical wools can be replaced by practically any glass tree jewellery from the traditional set: new year's balls, bells, red star, snowman, bunny, deda Morose.

New year is new toys. With your hands!

Toys made by their hands can not only take an honorary place on a domestic tree, but also be the perfect gift for New Year for friends or family. It's a simplicity for fantasy working on a new year's toy of ogre.

как связать елочный шарFor example, in the construction of a knitting tree balloon, a man has a choice: to work with matches or hooks. New Year's balls tied by matches are very careful, with a lot of details, knuckle balls are pretty tight balls that drive home coves.

How to tie a new year's ball.

It's not that hard to get into a new party. The process of working with its hands will take a little time, not only at the experienced master, but also at the girl's, only the probe in the hand.

There will be a need for bright blue, red or pink strings, one air ball (to give shape to the future balloon), a little crachmal (to secure the shape of the ready toy) and a hook number 1, 5.

вязаный шар на елку вязаные елочные звезды вязаная трость игрушка новогодние рукавички на елку

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