Beager With His Hands

The bisses

The brushing of the basser is the outlet of a known and irrelevant type of applied art. Biser leaching technology creates both large jobs, such as paintings and miniatures, all possible accessories and jewellery. It's good to see a basser on the clothes - pockets, manges, collars. It can update old things or fill out your wardrobe in unusual clothes.

For starters, the basser's stitching may appear to be a difficult manuscript, but it's not. On the Masters Fair, you'll meet a lot of great skilled craftsmen at different levels of complexity. The printer shows the stitching process from the collection of materials to the finished product. Even experienced handicraftsmen will find a lot of interesting things to themselves - in the Hend Meid class, the basser embroidery often reveals secrets that will allow you to simplify the process and make the best possible job. Bisser embezzlement with your hands. Let you create unique and incredibly beautiful things for yourself and for yourself.

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