To Steal With His Hands

10-minute jewelry box

2. In order to build a swelling ornament on the surface of the scale, we will use a structural paste that is mastificent on the trafarite. If the trafarets were to move and not torment, it would be better to glue their scotch around the edges or to purchase comfortable trafarets on a labelled basis. If it's small, it'll dry pretty fast enough to dry a little pheumon.

3. Once the ornament is dry, cover the entire scale with brown acrylic paint in one layer. It is this shade that will subsequently pass through the effective loss of the shabby-shik style. For rapid drying, the paint is dryed by a phenomenon.

4. Then we'll paint a box of white paint and dry a phenomenon before it's dry.

5. Now, the most interesting thing is, we're taking the right picture on the decoupled napkin, we're taking it out carefully, we're sending out the last layer, and we're gluing the PWA glue, a little water. For a shoe-shik style, cozy pinks will be perfect, so we used them on the top of the box.

6. The stack is almost ready, there's a little old-fashioned left, so we're gonna wipe out all the swellings of our ornament to show the bottom, brown layer of paint. The edges of the scale may be further sparked so that it becomes a " guinea " .

7. We're finishing the devastation process with a transparent match and drying.

As you can see, create a box. with your hands. You can be pretty quick and simple. She's not only going to be a small jewelry repository, but she's also a nice accessory in your interior.

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