Degree With His Hands

∙ arrangement for jewelry by hand

The supply under the decoration is critically needed by any module with a large number of earrings and beams, and which often changes them according to ritual and mood.

  • The whole turbine is always in sight.

It's a very important feature, understandable only to the owners of a bottomless chest where something is lost or forgotten at the very bottom.

  • The hats and beads are not confused and separate from the rings and bracelets.
  • The decorator is not only a functional thing, but also an unusual detail of the interrier, an art object, a subtle of the house ' s style and taste.

In order to make an interesting skill holder with his hands, it is not necessary to have some special skills in the tools, but only to choose a suitable idea and to put it into practice.

Household rims as a substrate under jewelry

The earrings and beans can be easily placed on/in the following household rim items:

  • Towels or clothes.

There's nothing easier than recharacterizing the garment hooks in the bigooteria holders. Normal purchases from wood, plastics or metal can be used, without making any special effort to decorate, because beans and bracelets will be successful.

  • A dress bra.

The ordinary bracelet can, indeed, perform the function of storing the buoyery: the earrings should be placed on additional shoulders, the bracelets on the metal bars and the beads on the pelts. The most estetical thing is a wooden wheat, hanged by a bat. If you want it, you can paint it in some neutral color or put it in a decoupling technique.

Twitches with their small holes all over the perimeter like they were only meant to be so that girls could put their hooks and locks in them.

In fact, the Turk is an old-fashioned invention, which, in its existence, has rightly served as the main theme for entire museums and interesting private collections. The first trawl was invented in the middle of the 16th century by French François Bulé specifically to invent dry cheese and then became used for all other products.

With four boundaries (or even more in modern models), it is easy to accommodate a large number of decorations and, by turning a pyramid, to see and choose the situation for today.

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