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New Year

Our website has a section for those who want to make the New Year a real holiday for their children. It's called "All For New Year with Children." In this section, we publish articles and materials for the preparation and observance of new annual holidays to assist parents. Here you will find poems, riddles and stories about winter and New Year for children. Winter fun. New Year's entertainment: games, competitions, tricks, new year's scenarios. Recommendations on how to steal a new year's tree. And, of course, instructions for the manufacture of original tree toys and new yearbooks. with your hands
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How to make a star with your hands. New Year's stars with their hands.

The improvised cereal toys, the new year's jewelry and the new year's toys with your hands, will help you steal the house by the next year and create a celebratory mood. In addition, the construction of new yearly matrimony by parents, together with children, brings family members closer together, which is probably the most important thing. In this section, you will find detailed instructions for the manufacture of new yearly stars with your hands, find out how to make a large star of paper.

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