Elevated Toys With Their Hands 2015

New Year's Manhagen: Eating Toys with their hands

Для сказочного шараNew Year's Toys. Photo: IA MagadanMedia

MagadanMedia Correspondents turned ordinary threads, light bulbs and athletic ribbons into beautiful holiday decorations

Snowflies, earls, balls, stars, angels, all of this will soon take its place on the main new-day beauty tree. All these jewels can be found in modern stores in a wide range of tastes. But by transforming conventional cartons, threads, athletic tapes, lights, pieces of tissue into something amazing. with your hands.You can feel like a real magician. A new year's miracle will be taught by an IA MagadanMedia class technician with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos. We hope you find something for yourself in this kit.

Наматываем нити на воздушный шарFabulous ball of thread

What will be needed:

  • Multi-coloured threads
  • Kle Pva
  • Air balloons
  • Vazelene
  • Scissors
  • Clayenka/paper.

How to do:

We're gonna blow up the size ball. The balls of different sizes together look much more interesting. Let's tie him up.

For a fairy ball. Photo: IA MagadanMedia

НитиThe ball's ready to hang or put it on the table. In both cases, the balloon is worth sleeping the cage, or you're risking gluing and the claw all around. So that the strings don't stick to the balloon any further, it should be vased, glycerin or something other fat. Pushing cream or vaseline is better than cosmetic disks or cotton tampon. The layer must be thin.

Let's get a thread on the air ball. Photo: IA MagadanMedia

We'll take the glue. We're putting glue in a cut of 0, 5 litres of plastic bottle. We'll pull the string into the needle and we'll pull the bottle so that the thread goes through the glue. So the string through the glue will squeeze in it. You can do it differently by running, but not slicing the thread, smashing the piece in the glue and hitting the ball.

Don't cut the thread, put it on the ball. The more chaotic the turns are, the better the ball from the thread. After we're done, we cut off the thread and hide the tail under the turn. Sharik is washing glue again with a watt tampon or a whistle.

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