Simple Food Toys With Their Hands

Simple tree jewels with their hands

For example, if you manage the New Year in a new place, you can use what's under your hand, showing a little fantasy. Suggest some super fast options!


Do you like the flower in the peas? Then take the liver forms, put them on the plaster of the beautiful packaging paper, take the shape of the contour, cut the paper and stick it to the form on the transparent scotch.

Gearl from candy

All you need is a caramel bag, a scotch or a stapler. Just attach candy to each other at the edge of the phantoms and hang out on the branches. Even the kids will get through this.

Large venants - cane

Or rainbows don't even require any extra decor. Buy a pre-conceived ribbon and tie sweets to the branches.

Beautiful buttons.

You can quickly turn into a tree jewel with a bright piece of tissue and a drop of glue. Having done some uniform warehouses, pick up the tissue strips, pull down the center of the strings and stick the button.

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