Cat Clothes With Their Hands

Cooking for cats with their hands

Как сшить одежду для кошек своими руками. Фото №1You think cats don't need clothes? So you're wrong! Clothing helps protect the animal from cold and prevent various diseases. This is particularly relevant for short-short cats and naked.

There's a universal cloth that can create any clothes for your stewed favorite.

If you want to sew the suit, the back will be composed of two elements and have a plug on your back. If you tie a suit, you won't need a plug because the buckle has its properties stretched, and it won't be hard to take off the pet.

There are a few ways to put the plug:
1. on lightning, which is easy to stitch in the back center. It's good for short-stop cats.
2. On buttons. It's a classic plug that suits all cats.
.. on the lipstick, also suitable for cats with short hair.

You need to build a cloth, measuring the length of the cat and grabbing. All of them. made. It is further necessary to measure the household pet and determine the size. If the cover doesn't work, then adjust it to your cat size.

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