Dogs' Clothes With Their Hands

Duty clothes for dogs, "Mockin wardrobe."

We haven't had tigers yet)
I'm introducing a new model of the "Tigrano" cap.
The hat is looking for its master or master.
Shadow size - 32-34 cm, plug + acryl.
It doesn't hesitate, it's very soft and warm.

The biggest family member!

The scroll of "Sapphire" with the hooded dwarf went to the Ryazan region to the Mops boy.
And a cute little MOKT is a client's wish!

Buckle composition: 50% acryl, 50% wool.
The product is associated with thick filament (100g/200m)

A little UMORA won't hurt!

It's been a while since I was on vacation!
There's a new model of mops sweater coming up.

In Chelabinsk, these funny hats will be sent out the other day.
Frog + Frog! Two boys of mops. +

I conducted a survey among my followers and concluded that there was a need to create a separate group to tie my pets!

Many are interested in crafts and information on this subject.
The new group is called:

The group's still young, quietly filled with interesting information - I promise it'll be interesting, so add up!
All of them!

♪ You know, my dog is completely depressed! - What are you saying? What is it? Come on. She used to walk, and now she brought the car keys!

I met a great girl called Snejanna Nevsky!
She's doing a very interesting form of creation - in the photos of your favorite, she's drawing these interesting mattresses!
Any password!
There's a lot of interest in her group, come in.

Machta combination, button plug.
Sent to Arkhangelsk a mopsy girl.

Believe in the dream, then she'll believe in you,
Don't fall in the spirit when the world is against you.
One day she'll open the doors,
And then you'll know you didn't expect her for nothing.

The group's wall is empty.

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