Hend Maid Master Of Class

wedding glasses

Свадебные бокалы. Мастер-класс №1You will need:

  • The white paint in the cylinder (if there's a special glass-line, a roast glass, etc., it's better to take it),
  • Two or more pearls,
  • Bisser,
  • Towel glue,
  • The glue,
  • various tapes

And the glasses themselves.

Determine the appearance of the glass. I want to leave the transparent earrings, for that, I'm putting these places in a stick of tape.

I'll put the paint on the cylinder. After drying, the film is removed

Contour (I used the DECOLA perlamutumized white) give the drawing an expression

So we add a glass of rice.

Свадебные бокалы. Мастер-класс №1

As long as the contour is dry, we're doing the following: equalizing the base of the rose with a normal knife, thereby increasing the area of glue.

It's based on a rose of nail glue. I've got the glue. Better if he's with a whistle.

And glue the roses. It's only gonna take a few seconds to hold the flower, because the glue is very fast.

That's what we do in the box. I make two glasses at the same time, so easy to control the process.

After that, we'll start gluing pearls. I'm starting with the biggest. Now the glue's on its own.

After the big pearls, the smaller ones are glued.

When the pearls are over, the void between the pearls is filled with a basser, sticking it in the same way.

Свадебные бокалы. Мастер-класс №1 Свадебные бокалы. Мастер-класс №1 Свадебные бокалы. Мастер-класс №1 Свадебные бокалы. Мастер-класс №1

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