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Hend-made gifts

"Peppy Blinny Chulk" is a wonderful, favorite story written by Astrid Lindgren's Swedish writer.
The full name of the heroin is Pepilotta Viktoualia Rulgardin Christinta Efraimsdotter Dlynnychulk. ♪
Peppie is always fun because she brings her own notion of how girls should behave)
The doll is completely hand-held from the cotton, torn... 18 cm tall. The doll's on the counter... it's off the counter. The hair (wheat for vagina) of the carrots is plunged into two carrots, stained in different directions, eye of the bush, face in the edge - from the springs) She's wearing a blue dress, but since she's got a blue matter, she probably didn't have enough, she put red socks in it somewhere. On very thin and skinny feet, she pulled long stockings of different colors: one brown and the other black.
There's always a monkey around the girl. Little monkey sewed out of cotton and painted acryl paint in blue pants, yellow jacket. ♪ ♪

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