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Good afternoon, dear readers!

What I'm writing about today, I've been pushed by an article I recently published in the Facebook. It's called "The Generations of Unprotected Women," and attracted me to a broad retrospective historical formation of unprotected women.

I will recall that this historic process we have spoken to you in the very first webinars - as men who have not come from war have formed men ' s traction in women, and then their older sons have been given a ambiguous image of a mother who does not fulfil his mother ' s task (support and love) or father ' s (reason for growth).

For example, a repressed man's beginning, and the overburdened male females, have led us to some distort that many face by breaking spears and making unfounded claims to each other.

The article gives a broader overview, but it doesn't make a choice, and it surprised me that the number of transposts just popped. And the comments were about the pain and the toast she often called. To confess, I only ran through her eyes to make it clear that I was inside. And also noted that, yes, history is good, but it's probably some kind of nutritiousness and hope that comes at the end. I'm a proponent of optimistic bandages.

I figured it was right now that I should go back to online training for Women's Power. Especially for those who have such ideas (which in the article) are sad.

Any sense of stiffness is just an unsuccessful trauma, an experience that simply did not have the strength.

And I'm suggesting that force be worn up and remembered with the webinare of Women's Power.

The untouchable source of life is inside you, the great power of the ancestors behind your back. And whatever's going on, and the ancestors have taken a much harder event, this power is always with you. It's only worth accepting, with rituals that are in the webinare.

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