File Knitting Of Model Hook

Philly knitting a hook.

Филейное вязание крючкомIn this article, we will talk to you about Fillen knitting hook - tying in phile or knitting in fermental circus technology. File in translation from French means a grid that fully reflects the essence of the fiction. 'Cause the bond is full of empty and filled-in cells, which is the picture. The commitment to phyla technology is quite simple, as simple and understands ties. However, if you're only thinking about the images of uncomfortable and simple file cams from the removal of the village houses of our grandmothers, I assure you, after a closer familiarity with the philain knitting, you will completely change the idea of this bond technique.

First of all, Filay knitting - it's a fake mug imitation, which is a stitch on the grid, where the cells of the ready grid were filled with threads in a particular drawing. This principle is also based on the chaining of the file, only the filling of the necessary cells occurs immediately when the purple is tied.

Filay knitting schemes Reminds the schemes for single-coloured stitching, which, by the way, can be successfully applied to the purple: they are made of empty cells and " filled " cells, which are marked by a cross, a circus or a black cell.

Today, the knitting magazines offer us a wide variety of diagrams and drawings for philic knitting, uncomplicated and small ornaments, to pictures, plots. However, before you go to the world of the fist, starting with a similar pattern of drawings, a small section of the grid, such as 10 cells in length and 10 cells in height (usually using and filled cells), should be linked and looked at. First, this will make it possible to reflect in a meaningful way the scale of our future masterpiece on the current file scheme. Otherwise, a fictional napkin (for a couple of nights of knitting) could end up with a roller coaster. It needs to be taken into account: the thickness of the thread and the size of the hook and the density of our knitting. The thicker the thread, the smaller the hook and the tighter the knitting, the less the cage, and vice versa. Second, how close the sample is to...

The net for the fist can be tied differently. The best part, I think, is an empty cell-- a tablet with 1 oxid, 2 wad, filled with a cell-- 3 poles with 1 oxide, the grid gets flat and the cells are small.

Филейное вязание салфеток. Филейное вязание салфеток.

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