Neonatal Wraps

Paints, envelopes

вязаный плед для малышаDimension: 78 x 78 cm

You're gonna need a bucket of Novita 7 Brothers (75 per cent wool, 25 per cent polyamide, 100 m/50 g) for 300 g sulphur and blue flowers, socks and roundabouts.

Living smooth: in the circle of knitting, only the faces.

Intelligent smooth: in the circle of knitting, just out of the hinge.

Platoon: individuals and rows are just individuals.

Boundary density: 18 p.m. smooth = 10 cm.

спальный мешок спицами для малыша

Your baby's still very small, and you're afraid that he'll be frozen for long walks with the beginning of the cold? Then it's time to tie this great sleeping bag, and it'll make your baby warm and comfortable.

Guy blanket for the baby from the Drops Design studio.

Size: 65x80 cm

Hide: wool; 50 g/105 m - 400 g

Bladder density: 20p.x26 p., smooth = 10x10 cm

яркая подушка крючкомTools: circle of matches 4, 5 mm (80 cm), hook 3, 5 mm
All ranks of individuals.
Figure M1 shows the rows from the LC.
1 row = LC
Count the bell after the 5th and 6th rows of diagram M.1.

There must be joy in the child and the more paint, the more your child will be developed, in any case his drawings will be red and positive, because in such a child it is very difficult to draw grey paintings, will you?
Reading completely.

In this kit, your baby will be warm and comfortable.


0-3(6)9(12) months
Dimensions of finished product: Breast circumference 44(48)54(58) cm, length 27(29)32(37) cm, length of sleeve - 15(17)20(24) cm.

вязаная кофточка и пледYou're going to need a sandnes Duo 55% mere wool. 45% cotton, 124 m/50 g) -100(150)150(200) pink (4312), 50 g of refugee colour (2441), direct and circular matches No3 and No3, 5, hook No. 3.5. Three secret buttons.

The arable pale is tied to a bucket of square motives that were subsequently connected. Such a pale would be great for a discharge from a home or a baptism.

Speed description - Hi.

A warm and large ice with a variety of cosmos. It's so easy to put a baby in it. The same pattern is repeated on the hat. The description is for a child of 6 to 12 months, but when you're looking at density, you'll be able to increase the model to your size.

It'll warm up your baby, not just warm, but love.

Snow White's cover is tied to a star's sight. Low and so cozy is what your baby needs.

ажурный плед крючком вязаная шапочка и плед вязание спицами плед вязаное покрывало для малыша

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