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How to decorate the interior of the probe

Спальня в стиле Прованс (6)How do you decorate the interer in Provans style with your hands in any room, be it the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room? It's important to infiltrate the idea of style, to highlight the characteristics!кухня прованс (3) The name of the style corresponds to the painting region in southern France. In the edge of the bright sun, the sea, the lambs and the olive groves, a special style was created, the admiration of cozy and gentle charm.

It's like sun-burned, slightly shattered surfaces, rough textures are the basis of an interrier in Provans style. Get a bright color gamma in the form with bright accents.Westwing_CI_Pastel_Dreams_FINAL_3 прованс When the background is chosen, draw attention to the dairy, gentle lavender, olive, sky blue. In this article, we will tell you how to decorate the interrier in Provans style.

Style characteristics

кухня прованс 1 (2)Consider the possibility of using dark ceilings in the decoration of the ceiling, a rude piece of paper with walls. By selecting bright accents, draw attention to the elements of natural seams: archers, terracotts, carmines, deep sea wave colour.

Integral interior element

Furniture expresses the nature and individuality of any stylish decision. And Provans is no exception. It has the following distinctive features:

  • The main features of soft and curled furniture are used, suggesting that the fallen sun did not spare them;
  • It is quite organic in a fine interrier that is rarely found in traditional furniture garments of colour: lavender, blue, bruise and yellow;
  • The village style of the French collor does not tolerate falseness, so only natural materials are recognized, and furniture is made exclusively from the wood area;
  • A separate theme is the appearance and design of facades and hull furniture elements that look utterly lost and old. The exemplary Provence is seen in detail: the open shelves show great glorious dish and the glass doors make it delicate to stress the exquisiteness of what is hidden behind the thin glass.
спальня прованс FR_Jolipa_Amadeus44 прованс кухня прованс (1) Спальня в стиле Прованс  (4)

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