For Sale

Clothing maps а depurchase maps

The sale card or paper for the sale is a glan paper with a drawing used in the decoupling technique. Usually, there are several sketches on the map that are linked to one topic. The boom can be used on any surface: tissue, tree, glass and stone, etc. Using a decoration card as a result gives a cross-writing effect as if you paint manual paints. It's not just a drawing paper. Such paper is done on special technology, which improves glue penetration and does not produce warehouses, makes paper more sensitive to the surface, does not burn out over time. Busy maps are different from decoy napkins because they are single and tighter, contain not one, but several images of different sizes. The depurchase paper is different in composition: classical, rice, dense and size: 50*70cm, 150*70cm, 35*50m, etc.

The decoupling machine is as follows: cut the element, bury the water tank, remove and smash a towel or a rag (to remove the excess water, but we need to make sure the picture remains wet). Then put the glue or the device reverse the side of the piece of the decorated map and the decorated object to create a slip effect to enable the drawing to be placed. We're scrambling the picture to remove the excess air, with the valley, the lips, the brush, and pre-emptied for decoupling. After the drying of the glue, the decoration of the subject can be continued by contour, paint, markers, trafarets, and also by glang or matt lac.

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