Graduate Napkins

At the children

В детском лагере О.Кошевого прошел благотворительный праздник «Дорога добра»

Good morning.

On 22 July, the children ' s health camp, Oleg Koshevogo, in Seviano, celebrated the Children ' s Charity of the Road of Good.

The camp is in a painting place under Sevivanovo, quietly and calmly, the guys enjoy fresh air, forget the Internet and mobile phones. Over the summer, some 600 schoolchildren, both from Szeki district and from other regions, will be rested. The cost of travel is 1,5,760 roubles.

The Oleg Koshevo camp has been successful for a decade. There were great pedagogical traditions, commenting on Natalia Pilus. There's a highly skilled group of teachers working with schoolchildren. Most of them work as teachers in the Skyn schools and, of course, are familiar with many children and their parents. There are a lot of fascinating activities, because children must move, gain strength, be alert and energetic...

The current holiday is organized with the assistance of the Children ' s Social Council, with the Commissioner for Children ' s Rights in Tul province. It comprises 60 boys and girls from around the region.

In the framework of the Good Road Marathon, children were involved in a fascinating animation programme and were involved in various classrooms: they learned to manufacture flowers from fetrate and horigami from napkins, and were trained in soaping and depurchasing, tested aquagram technique, applied to seance, masculinema.

The celebration of the Vision of the Tride Kingdom and the camp ' s children ' s concert programme concluded. The viewers were encouraged by their creative abilities by the caregivers of 6 and 5 units and by the choreographic group of the South Gracia.

♪ The most important thing is for you kids to be happy. This is our main task. I want to wish you to be active, join the Children ' s Social Council, and I've approached Natalia Zykov's schoolchildren.

The leaders interviewed the camp ' s staff and their caregivers, examined the housing units and examined the medical unit.

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