Weighting Kits

Magic crust plugs

Набор для вышивания крестомAt all times, the extra cross of work was worth a lot. The stitching masters handed over skill from generation to generation and spent years with sewing equipment. The creation of an inspired article (icons, paintings, toys, shirts, cattle, etc.) required a dull skill, and only the finest masters could create real masters. Our grandmothers have received from the pods and handed over to the present generation the unique work of stitching the cross made by the smart men.

Today, thanks to the ready-made casting kits, anyone who wants to order them, buy them and create with his hands a real art creation. To do so, there is no need for stitching experience and no need to have specialized knowledge, all the necessary kits for stitching the cross. And all you have to do is buy a ready set for the Motoc Internet Machine (Kiev, Ukraine) and want to do something unusual with your hands. Large species diversity Cressing kits Let you choose exactly what you want.

There's absolutely everything in the wheelchair stitching kit:

  • The canva with the scheme,
  • selected under the appropriate direction of thread,
  • needles and instructions.

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