Creating A New Year

15 style ideas for new yearly jewelry with his hands

1. Carton lighter

On a new year's night, you'll probably light candles to create a celebrating and relaxing environment. Try giving the bruises a copy with perforated paper, cardboard stars and coloured threads to the whole process will take no more than ten minutes. It's not gonna be any candle for work, though, to choose a model in a high-profile pancaster from glass that won't allow fire and cardboard contact.

2. Fresh in a tramp

It's not just a paper, but also a tissue, a cage in the throat and a tape or a rabbit. A delicate textile will be suitable for this reception, which can easily be given the necessary form without extra storage.

3. A ball with falling snow

When we were a kid, many of us had a new year's souvenirs with falling snow: if you shake a ball like that, the snowflakes are moving upwards and then they're floating on the bottom - not a toy for an early meditation?

To make a souvenir. with your hands.You're gonna need a roof bank, a decorative figure, a foam and glycerin. Pick up the figure and a small "sugrobe" from the foam to the lid, fill up a glycerin jar (which can be mixed with water so that the snow falls faster) and fill up the cracked foam. Now close the lid and enjoy your man-made magic.

4. Dékor for a comedian with tree paws

For this, DIY does not use balloons, but round small vases are easier to paint and put them on a dresser. The decoration of the semisphere is necessary from the inside using the paint from the binder. Until it drys, a little clothing around the normal paper napkin, there'll be exemplary leaks on the surface.

5. The miracles happen.

If you like life-approving slogans and inscriptions in the interior, New Year is the time to create a positive composer for the next 12 months. The letters can be cut out of the carton and fixed on toothpicks or sushi sticks, and the glasses can be filled with polymer glinum or even ordinary plastic.

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