Stealing A Bottle Of Champagne With His Hands

A bottle of champagne for a new year with his hands

Новогодний чехол для бутылки шампанскогоThere's plenty of room in the new year's table, both stuns and leathers and tidals, and many other domestic experiments. And there will be high-ranking whiskey bottles, tequila, rum. However, practically none of the celebrating tables will go without the traditional fun and happy champagne.

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Last year, we published a new year's champagne cocktail kit, and that's why we decided to get some ideas to steal a bottle of champagne. with your hands.♪ By the way, some of these ways will help not only steal, but also "shove a bottle, making it invisible in a new year's decor.

And for starters, several recommendations and councils that may be useful in decoding:

  • If you work just before the party, you should either give a bottle of rest (and, of course, a little cool) or try not to pry it too much.
  • In order to remove the label from the bottle (which is not always required), it can first be wetted with warm water (no champagne under hot water from the tap). The label must then be removed by a knife or other object.Новогодний декупаж бутылки шампанского If the glue is left, it can be removed by a vaporized alcohol (water).
  • The bottle can be decorated with a variety of objects: candy, ribbons, rain, beads, toys, organisms, paper, etc. It's better to use the silicone glue that fast catches, has no unpleasant smell and can easily be removed from the decorations after. Normal and bilateral scotch, as well as other types of glue, may be used.

Bullets of champagne for New Year

Putting champagne in the tech is quite simple, and the drawings can be supplemented by the same ribbons, candy, blank.

So you're going to need:

  • Champagne bottle;
  • Films with an elevated new yearly drawing;
  • Gruntovka (may be bought in an artistic or construction store, and you can use acrylic white paint);
  • Acrylic paints;
  • Clay Pva;
  • Acrylic lac (possible and unavailable if the decoration is only for the holiday and not for long storage);
  • Legs, sponge (possibly a special sponge, and a normal kitchen sponge may be possible).
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