Hend Meade For Home With His Hands

Spring hendmeid for home

Create in an apartment or an office more springy... with our hands! A few interesting ideas for those who love creativity and spring, appreciate homework and style design and try to make a home for a moving party or a friendly party.


The most important element of spring interior, the most delicate, feminine! Even a small flower composer, a small bouquet will refresh the office, an apartment, steal the table with breakfast:

How to do:

Break the egg from the same edge and carefully clean the contents of the tea spoon. Set an empty egg on a special stance supply, fill the water with room temperatures and put in a small bouquet of beloved flowers: filki, landishes, siren. Such fresh, spring composites would be interesting to see each other and in a group on a window, table or half.

Council: It is possible to pre-decorate the shell with special paint in different colours, such as colour, combined with interior design.

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