Clothing For Newborns With Their Hands

Pregnant spraying

Выкройка распашонкиThe newborn child always wants to wear bright and bright without buying the cost of clothes and bedding. Agree that a tricotine kit like this photo is very convenient and beautiful, but only in our view. The child will be much more comfortable in a normal siege dispenser, no matter what color it is, and especially whether it has a stick or not.

Pushing point

Science has not yet come up with what can be replaced by cotton flange or liver, so the most suitable tissue for newborn clothes is tissue with 100% cotton fibre content.

A newborn child from cotton can be bought from a store.Ткань для пошива распашонки But if you have a free time and a sewing mosquito, why don't you sew a simple and convenient dispenser? with your hands.
Usually, gently grandmothers for their grandchildren buy in advance the slice or the pawn flank, that's the residue, and you can sew a few sprays. Just take into account that the tissues for the dispensation of a newborn must be suitable for infants, they must be certified and hygienic.
If you don't know how to correctly choose the tissues for breast-feeding children, we'll tell you, for example, that there are a number of cotton, flange tissues in the Shui factory, designed to make bedwear, pellet, breast spray.
Построение выкройки распашонки See also how to choose the underwear.

It is recommended to sew from soft tissue (batista, bumazei, Madapolam, situ, flank). Don't buy low-quality tissues, because painters and tissue composition must be safe for the child's soft skin.
White-Earth stem tissues (white background and small pictures on the one side of the tissue) do not have a deep colour of the fibre. The drawing or disgrace is attached to these tissues on top, so the knowledge side is completely harmless to the baby's skin.
The smoothly painted stem tissues (natural underwear) have a deep one-ton colour of all tissue fibres, and the drawing is attached to the top of the tissue. Take into account these characteristics of the production of stalk tissues.


The following measures were used to cover neonatal dispensation: 30 cm length, 12 cm in half, and 24 cm in half. Check your baby's racks, and if they're different, use them to calculate the formulas below.

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