Handwritten Dressing

Old dress transfer

How do you cut the dress with your hands without the cloth? I'll just answer that. That's why we're gonna need an unnecessary shirt and an hour of free time. Cutting a shirt dress is really very simple. And in this video, I'm very detailed and I'm showing it. That's why I'm sure that any of you will be able to transplant old things. Which means stitching a dress without a cover can even be the most inexperienced stitch. Without the skills of beds and sewing, we make a beautiful summer dress on barrels in just one hour!

Why would I prefer to redo the shirt to sew the dress? Why don't you sew the dress from the fabric? Why cut and cut a shirt, ask you. It's just because this dressing technique is the lightest and most accessible at any level of sewing skills. In fact, I'm being asked in the mail about a T-shirt master class. I often have advice on how to change a T-shirt and what you can do from an old shirt. That's why I decided to show this easy way of transferring clothes that could literally repeat each of you!

So, how do you sew the dress with your shirt hands? What do you need to make a dress easy?
(1) T-shirt
(2) contrasting tissue (50x50 cm)
(3) ribbon (approximately 40-50 cm)
(4) threads, needles, scissors

How to sew a dress withiut pattern? I know the answer to this question! I know how to sew a beautiful dress easy. I want to show DIY Tutorial of making dress by hands. You need t-shirt and some fabric. So we will sew a dress from the t-shirt. Hope you'll like my DIY Tutorials about cloth ) Subscribe!

My name is Tatiana. If you want to change your wardrobe without money, it's a DEJZhD division for you! The old things can even be changed by a starter. DIY clothes are very popular now, which means sewing. with your hands. Not only pleasant, but fashionable! The transfer of the jeans, the coffins, the skirts, the bag with my hands-- all this and a lot of other things I show in my DIY video in Russian. There's a video on the canal about how to sew without clothing, how to change clothes, how to change old things with your hands.


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